Introducing BazAR!

The BazAR Marketplace enables buying and selling of Atomic Assets on Arweave. Using an or ArConnect wallet, anyone can share and trade Atomic Assets on the permaweb with the $U token!

Unlike traditional NFTs, assets on BazAR are “atomic”, meaning that all of the data is stored in one Arweave ID. This allows users to ensure their asset is stored fully onchain, where they cannot be deleted or modified.

Read more about atomic assets here.

Atomic Assets can be fractionalized, which means that they can be partially owned by multiple people. Ownership is represented by a special type of token called a PST. BazAR Marketplace supports this feature natively! You can buy/sell and own fractions of Atomic Assets using the BazAR UI, without relying on any centralized platform to custody the asset for you. The fractionalization is programmed in the smart contract itself, which makes it public and transparent.

BazAR marketplace runs on top of the Universal Content Marketplace (UCM) protocol, created by rakis. UCM is a Warp smart contract that powers all of the marketplace functionality. The contract is publicly viewable here. BazAR Marketplace is the first ever front end UI built on top of the UCM protocol, and makes it easy for anyone to access the functionality UCM offers. You can learn more about the details of UCM here.

Atomic assets and NFTs on BazAR are traded using the $U token. $U Tokens can be obtained by swapping $AR at or via an exchange like Permaswap.

When you buy assets on BazAR, you can earn bonus rewards in the form of $PIXL tokens. $PIXL tokens are distributed from the UCM contract everyday to anyone who has bought an asset on the marketplace. If you buy assets multiple days in a row, you build a streak, which boosts the share of $PIXL tokens you receive! If you miss a day, the streak resets.

BazAR Marketplace also supports the recently released Universal Data License (UDL). Creators can set the terms for their atomic assets to receive royalties from secondary sales and other monetization streams. UDL data is displayed directly on the same page as your asset! You can learn more about UDL here.

Ready to get started? Install the or ArConnect web wallet and start trading on BazAR today!